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You may download this 230 page (11.7 Mb) document, used in an Occupational and Environmental Health course.

The text can be freely copied, distributed, printed and used for formal and informal educational purposes.


Interested in the Health Effects of Electromagnetism? Course material can be downloaded from the FTP site:    (write this address at the top of your browser). 

User Name: student.  No Password. Click Ok. Click Ok again. Click on PHH21.zip (3 Gb), and Save File. 

Paul Héroux Are Electromagnetically and Chemically-Hypersensitive people Metabolically different from Everyone Else.mp4

Paul Héroux Les personnes hypersensibles à l’électromagnétisme et aux agents chimiques sont-elles métaboliquement différentes de tous les autres.mp4


You may also download this recent conference on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and what it means to the Environment. Smog 00.jpg


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